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our vision

South East Queensland is arguably the most beautiful place in the world, there is no doubt.

Our goal is to deliver spaces that reflect its beauty, having an everlasting positive impact on our local area.

We strive to do this through well thought out, functional designs, utilizing a beautiful blend of materials and built form paired with stunning streetscapes.

We intend to construct spaces that will set benchmarks in each area for liveability, environmentally sustainable design and built form that will inspire the next generation of development.


The Sunshine Coast has started to develop its own unique, coastal built form and it is our ambition to help contribute to this wonderful style. A style that may just shape the entire future of the Coast and its impact on the world.

We also deeply appreciate the rich history and architectural significance of Brisbane’s iconic “Queenslander” homes, and we strive to honor this legacy through our work. Our vision is to create properties that not only enhance their surroundings but also stand the test of time, just like these incredible structures.

our process


Market Research

Providing the right product for our clients is essential. We undertake extensive area research to ensure the product delivered matches the wants and needs of the market, now and into the future. 



The feasibility of a project is one of the most important aspects. Our studies are completed with advice and insight from multiple trade specific experts, ensuring great returns for our stakeholders.




Combining advice from various trade and market experts early in the design phase, we are able to create extremely functional and appropriate spaces. The design talent on the Sunshine Coast is incredible.



We act as the intermediary between the builders, owners, financiers, investors, agents and future residents to ensure everyone is up to date on the progress of the project.



Ensuring that every single promise we have made to our stakeholders is not only met, but exceeded. Delivering an absolutely world class, quality construction to the future residents of the building.

who we work with



We can help you realise the potential of your property. Working together you will receive an agreed upon land value plus a split of the development profit. These arrangements can be very flexible.




We strive to maintain consistent excellent results for our investors, ensuring a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship.


From real estate and buyers agents, to builders, architects, engineers and accountants. We value professional relationships dearly.

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At the end of the day, they are the ones whom will be using these spaces. With this in mind we continually confer with potential clients to see how we can meet their expectations.

who we are

Kyle Abrey


Kyle’s passion for construction began at the young age of 6 whilst wearing a plastic tool belt. This early interest in building led him to pursue a career in construction, which spanned over a decade. The process of taking a client’s idea and transforming it into a tangible structure has always been a source of excitement and fulfillment for him.


Throughout the years, Kyle has gained valuable experience in managing his own business, worksites, and project management. These experiences have equipped him with the skills needed to successfully deliver developments that meet the highest standards of quality.


Kyle’s dedication to improvement and innovation drives him to continuously seek out new ways to exceed expectations and deliver superior outcomes for everyone involved. He places great importance on building strong, long-lasting relationships with both partners and clients, ensuring a collaborative and successful journey for all.


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